The school runs a unique scholarship scheme aimed at aiding some disadvantaged children from the host community to realize their education dream. 


Currently the school has a full Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centre and Primary classes 1 to 5 with a projected enrolment of 210 pupils in 2017. Learning at the school is guided by professionally qualified teachers supported by the management and a team of committed non teaching staff.

The child sponsorship initiative aims at supporting Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) to realize their education potential through linkages with sponsors abroad. Through this program, needy children are linked to sponsors who contribute money to pay school fees/levies, uniforms as well as other items required to support education of the child. At the close of 2017, the scheme was sponsoring xyz for secondary, xys for primary and xyz at ECDE level
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The title “The Children Left Behind” (TCLB) is derived from the project’s focus on disadvantaged Children who in most cases are left behind after death of either or both parents or hail from poor families and therefore tend to remain behind in the socialization and development process.


TCLB Program was founded in 2007 as a response to the needs of children and youth in Kolwa locations of Kisumu East Sub-County in Kisumu County. The program endeavours to improve quality of life of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) by facilitating access to quality education, Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) and promoting skills and talent development. In pursuit of its goal and objectives, the program employs an integrated approach involving:-.  


1. Child Sponsorship











  • 2.Education Development Support

The school support intervention focuses on working with communities towards improving learning and learning infrastructures in the local ECDE centres and Primary schools.  Specifically, the project aims at facilitating the efforts of school committees in providing classroom, latrines, furniture and water tanks among others.


Jamilo School
Launched on 2nd January 2010 Jamilo School is a premiere learning center that offers a hands-on early childhood and Primary learning experience and a variety of enrichment program based on the Kenya Curriculum and Netherland’s experiences. This is guided by our belief that “what children learn is as important as how they learn it”.












  • Sports and recreational activities

Cricket is no new game in Western Kenya but up to recently the game was

played to a large extent by the Asian community living in Kisumu town.

The program has worked with other stakeholders in training of Coaches,

Umpires and organizing tournaments. The program is currently looking


for partners to scale up the game and establish appropriate cricket

playing grounds.  Specifically we are looking for support in the following


    • Provision of Cricket playing equipment
    • Training of coaches and umpires
    • Sponsorship of tournaments
    • Establishment of Cricket grounds with Astro-tuft