Currently the project mainly involved in promoting the games of Cricket and Football for both boys and girls. The Cricket initiative is inspired by the fact that some of the greatest players in Kenya hail from western Kenya particularly Homabay County. 

However the potential may never be realized unless our young boys and girls get the opportunity to train and explore their talents in the game. 

This involves linking of children from poor families/orphans with well-wishers locally or abroad who contribute funds to support their education and other basic needs. The organization maintains good relations between the sponsor and sponsored children through facilitation of regular communication and accountability. Through this initiative several youth from poor families have attained college and university levels of education while a number are still at primary and secondary levels

The Youth Resource centre is situated at Kanam 'B’ location in Rachuonyo North Sub-County. The centre is the hub of all YSDAK activities in Homabay County and comprises of an administrative office, Library, Children playing facilities, Trainning Hall and information, communication & education materials for the youth.

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YSDAK project Homahills is a youth focused development project founded in 1999 initially as a Self Help Group, eventually transformed to an NGO in 2007.  In pursuit of her mandate, the project runs an integrated youth program focusing on:-

1. Sports and Recreational activity

Young people like playing and playing enables them to grow strong both physically and psychologically. The program provides opportunities for young people to play and develop talents through provision of sports equipment, coaching and regular tournaments. The program uses sports as a platform for disseminating behaviour change messages on HIV prevention, drug & substance abuse and adolescence reproductive health.

2. Child sponsorship


3. Dairy Goat Project
The Dairy Goats project was initiated in 2009 with the aim of improving nutrition and income among poor and vulnerable households in Rachuonyo North Sub-County, Homabay County. The target groups of the project include; Orphans and Orphan headed households, widows, foster parents and People Living with HIV&AIDS (PLWHA). Dairy Goat rearing is an ideal enterprise for poor households because it is less labour intensive, require less space while the returns are rewarding.


YSDAK supports the groups with the initial goats, thereafter members have to pass-on female kids to other members of the group until everyone in the group is reached.  Prior to providing the goats, groups are trained on dairy goat’s management skills and record keeping.


4.Youth Resource Center